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Dr. Gary Richter

“America’s Favorite Vet” Dr. Gary Richter is one of the country’s most renowned veterinarians, and the international bestselling author of “The Ultimate Pet Health Guide.” For two decades, Dr. Richter has combined the latest scientific breakthroughs with traditional holistic medicine, to stay at the forefront of pet nutrition — offering a healthy, integrative approach to common health concerns.

Dog Food Warnings: Top Vet Reveals the Dark Side of Commercial Dog Foods (Urgent Health Info)

Dogs in America are facing a health crisis. Dedicated pet owners are being misled by big pet food manufacturers, and their pets are paying the price. The FDA has issued a number of dog food warnings, citing dangerous ingredients in dog and cat food, such as elevated levels of aflatoxin, and even traces of salmonella, which can both be dangerous to pet health., Unfortunately, these are things that cannot be spotted on a dog food bag label, and therefore can be difficult to avoid.

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This lack of accountability puts hundreds of pets at risk of experiencing loss of appetite, digestive problems, bad breath, and even serious illnesses, whether they’re eating dry dog food or grain-free dog food.

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In a time when some of the biggest pet food brands have issued wide recalls for serious pet illnesses, deciding on a pet food goes far beyond just keeping them satisfied and satiated, and becomes about your pet’s day-to-day well-being, and happiness.

Even foods marked “premium” or “natural” could be hazardous to pet health. On top of cheap fillers and grains, which can contribute to unhealthy weight gain and skin irritation, these dog foods are cooked at high temperatures which can create compounds called AGE’s — or advanced glycation end products. These by-products have been linked to pet illnesses and diseases including diabetes and neurological disorders. Again, since AGE’s are a by-product of high-heat cooking, they cannot be spotted on a label. Instead, it’s up to pet parents to know that many kibble dog foods that are cooked in this manner may be at risk of containing AGE’s.

For pet parents, choosing a dog food is now one of the single most important decisions they can make. In times like these, pet owners are turning to a trusted pillar in the pet health community for guidance, advice, and a safe solution — renowned veterinarian, Dr. Gary Richter.

Dr. Gary Richter is the founder and director of Holistic Veterinary Care, his award-winning animal wellness center in Oakland, California. Dr. Richter’s work is centered around one philosophy: Nutrition is the foundation of good pet health.

Dr. Richter combines nutrition and holistic pet health care with the most advanced in Western technology to provide pets with what is called integrative veterinary medicine. Using every tool available to him, he’s able to provide pets with comprehensive care for their overall health, and day-to-day wellness.

With his wealth of knowledge and experience, Dr. Richter gives pet parents hope and confidence when it comes to their pet’s health and happiness. Dr. Richter prioritizes dog food safety, because he understands that food is supposed to nourish a dog’s body. In fact, the right food can put pets back on the path to smooth digestion, high energy levels, and a happy, healthy life — and give pet parents invaluable peace of mind. But with so much misleading news and information, how can pet parents tell good dog food brands from bad ones? It’s a complex issue.

That’s why Dr. Richter is determined to help. He’s put together a video report that anyone can watch right now in the comfort of their homes, in which he arms pet parents with the facts about dog food warnings, and dog food safety. With this hard-hitting information, anyone can quickly and easily tell whether a dog food will be good for their pet, or potentially detrimental to their health. This groundbreaking video contains a complete list of Dr. Richter’s “dog food warnings” found in many conventional dog foods. He also offers his top pet food recommendation, and reveals exactly what food he feeds his own two dogs at home to support their health day-in and day-out.

In Dr. Richter’s free Dog Food Warnings video, which you can watch immediately below, pet parents can take adequate action to protect their pets, and help their dogs get the quality nutrition they need for healthy digestion, energy, and a healthy, happy life. This information is crucial and can help any pet parent avoid serious mistakes in the dog food aisle.

This information is crucial for any pet parent who wants to feel fully confident when choosing nutritious and beneficial dog food. Since pet parents cannot solely rely on labels to tell them what’s best for their dogs, this video report may be the most important thing a pet parent can do for their beloved companions.